What does Innovendia offer to your business?

Innovendia offers consulting services for enterprises in the Life Science industry. It is Innovendia's mission to optimize the customer value of products, services and applications: Existing ones, and those in development. Thus, Innovendia offers ways to maximize the value of your product portfolio.

How can Innovendia achieve this?

Key is a close cooperation with you and a strong committment towards your endeavour! Together with your staff, Innovendia goes through an analytical phase, through a conceptual phase and eventually into an execution phase. The conceptual phase is the most decisive one, delivering processes which combine the existing strengths with internal or external innovations and, hence, create added value.

What methodologies does Innovendia apply?

Besides the classic marketing and commercialization methods, Innovendia focusses on building up collaborations with third parties, acquiring and following licensing offers or finding partners in new fields of application. Leveraging innovations on the level of business planning, product development as well as in marketing and customer services will generate products that fulfill your customer's value proposition.

How would this work in practice for you?

Lets assume: Your enterprise took technical leadership in a platform technology, the gross margin peak has been passed. Innovendia will actively help you to find new applications in the wide field of the Life Science market, will bring you in contact with experts and early adopters and will guide you to technical solutions to overcome new challenges.